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When it Comes to Junk,

Double-Down on Dirty Deeds!



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After a hard days work

One of our regular stops

Back yard clean up

Clean attic...check!

Proud to serve our commercial clients

Dirty Deeds are never done!

Another one of our donation stops

Another happy customer

Our guys work hard!

Let us clean out your storage room

Reading is fundamental!

We can also move your clutter to a storage unit



Dirty Deeds was started with the thought of helping people with their junk…because it’s easy to be a “pack rat”.


We all have those drawers, closets, basements and attics filled with stuff we cannot bear to throw away, yet we hold onto these things with the rationalization that one day we may need it.

(We never do)

When you make the decision to de-clutter, life just gets easier.

Studies show that when we get rid of unwanted items and clutter in our lives, we have better concentration, better focus, a sense of control and increased energy. We can live a calmer and unclouded life.

As you become increasingly frustrated with over-stuffed closets, a cluttered garage and messy basement, think of Dirty Deeds. We can help you begin your transformation to a new, clutter free life!

Warm wishes,

The Dirty Deeds Family


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